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Different from the other Prophets…..   The main character of the Old Testament prophecy of Jonah gives the book its name. Jonah, whose nam... read more

BIBLE BOOK: Romans – Justified by Faith

Unfolding “the gospel of God”….. Paul’s epistle to the Romans is the first New Testament epistle and has the disti... read more

BIBLE BOOK: Exodus – The Way Out

A summary of this Old Testament book…..   The title given to a book can be significant and may prove to be an accurate summary of its cont... read more

BIBLE BOOK: Good Health in Crete

Sound advice found in Titus…..   “A treasure trove of history, rugged beauty, gorgeous beaches, and sizzling summer temperatures.” The... read more

BIBLE BOOK: Treasures in Unlikely Places

Gems found in 1 Chronicles 12…..   The first book of Chronicles is often neglected because of the long lists of names found in the opening... read more


An Old Testament prophet speaks out…..   There is only one person in the Old Testament with the name of Haggai. His name means festive or ... read more

BIBLE BOOK: Deuteronomy

Lessons from the Past It is probably true to say that Deuteronomy is a somewhat neglected book in the Bible. No book, of course, should willingly be ... read more

BIBLE BOOK: Malachi – My Messenger

The Old Testament’s Last Voice   The position Malachi occupies at the very end of the Old Testament is not without significance. His was the f... read more

BIBLE BOOK: The Call to Contend

A vital message from Jude for today…..     Towards the end of the Bible is a short letter from a man who wrote less material than any... read more

BIBLE BOOK: Two Letters from an Old Man

Comparing 2 John and 3 John….. The letters are not long. Both are almost identical in length, and each one was just large enough to fill a stan... read more