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Gospel Truth

GOSPEL TRUTH: “One Life. Live It.”

Thinking about the slogan in the window…..   The slogan in the rear window of the car in front of mine read, boldly, One Life – Live it ... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: “Build your own ark”

What Noah did NOT say…..       Graffiti, if it is not obscene, can sometimes bring a smile to your face. The summer of 2008, you... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: Bravery at North Berwick

The Catherine Watson Memorial…..   On the southern coastline of the Firth of Forth, an interesting monument has stood for over a hundred y... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: Security Alert

We are often made aware of this….. Have you seen these headlines before? They are all true — and they make sober reading. The perpetrators of... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: The Universal Qualification

SINNERS = WHERE WE ALL QUALIFY…..   Sin is just one word that could hardly be smaller. Yet the consequences could hardly be greater. It is a s... read more


The way to be delivered from fear…..     Do you ever feel afraid? Most people do at some time or other. Fear can arise for a number o... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: More than a “Face-Lift”

God’s power at work in Thessalonica…..  – a look at 1 Thessalonians 1.    Scanning through the advertisements in the free paper... read more


How we find security from the past…..     Nostalgia is very much alive today! Museums of transport, vehicle preservation societies and the en... read more


 Imagine never having to move house again!…..   Only those who have moved house understand exactly how much is involved in the process. N... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: “And some believed…”

A clear division in Acts 28:24…..    “And some believed….. and some believed not.”                   ... read more