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Gospel Truth

GOSPEL TRUTH: More than a “Face-Lift”

God’s power at work in Thessalonica…..  – a look at 1 Thessalonians 1.    Scanning through the advertisements in the free paper... read more


How we find security from the past…..     Nostalgia is very much alive today! Museums of transport, vehicle preservation societies and the en... read more


 Imagine never having to move house again!…..   Only those who have moved house understand exactly how much is involved in the process. N... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: “And some believed…”

A clear division in Acts 28:24…..    “And some believed….. and some believed not.”                   ... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: Explore Winchester

A brief look at England’s ancient capital…..   Thousands of tourists descend upon Winchester in the course of a year to view the int... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: Life Assurance

Finding a scheme with real guarantees…..   Difficult decisions can sometimes face us in life – especially when it comes to planning ... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: The Human Bridge

Discovered on the “Herald of Free Enterprise”…..     Many people have not forgotten the night of Friday 6th March, 1987, ... read more


It can be frightening or frustrating…..   Depending on where you are in life, to be lost can be either frightening or frustrating.   For ... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: A Fountain Opened

The promise found in Zechariah 13:1…..   In that day there shall be a fountain opened…. for sin and for uncleanness.”   (Zechariah 1... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: What’s Your Question?

The one most people wanted answered…..   Walking through a shopping centre, it’s not unusual to see someone with a clipboard conducting ... read more