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TODAY’S WORLD: The Promise of Persecution

The promise we do not like to claim!   After being released from prison, a Christian human rights lawyer was able to phone his family. His wife ... read more

TODAY’S WORLD: Echoes from Isaiah

We are living in similar days…..   “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, an... read more

TODAY’S WORLD: Facebook and God’s Book

Hugely popular, but is FACEBOOK helpful?   In October 1953 an article about short-wave radio appeared in Boys’ Life magazine. Ken Boord, the au... read more

TODAY’S WORLD: One above all others

The fifty “most inspirational people”…..   We are living at a time when surveys are constantly being taken in order to determi... read more

TODAY’S WORLD: You can’t be serious!

But we MUST be when it’s the Bible!   The final chapter of Isaiah begins with a majestic statement that becomes a question. The Lord Almigh... read more


Political and religious leaders are guilty of this…..   The twenty-first century has witnessed dramatic changes in the western world that ... read more

TODAY’S WORLD: The Writing is on the Wall

God has been warning Britain…..   The fact that the Bible has had a tremendous impact upon the development of our English language cannot b... read more

TODAY’S WORLD: Marriage Manipulated

It is impossible to “redefine” marriage…..   In 2001 the Netherlands became the first country to legalize “same-sex marriage... read more

TODAY’S WORLD: A Night to Remember

  Lessons from the loss of the TITANIC           April 2012 marked the centenary of the Titanic disaster, and during th... read more

TODAY’S WORLD: Mum’s Home!

A role for the Christian mother….. The high street children’s store Mothercare celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011 and marked the occasio... read more