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UNDERSTANDING: Prophet, Priest, and King

All three roles in one Person…..     Anyone familiar with Israel in the Old Testament will realize that in society there were differe... read more


The parable unlocking an enigma…..       As he wrote to the Philippians, the Apostle Paul’s eyes filled with tears. He knew of... read more


What the Lord’s Day should be…..     Call the Sabbath a delight, the holy of the LORD…  (Isaiah 58:13). The opening verses ... read more

UNDERSTANDING: Serving the King

Lessons from a parable in Luke 19….. – An examination of Luke 19:11-27     There seems to be a lot of confusion in Christian ci... read more

UNDERSTANDING: A Temple Greater than Solomon’s

An application from Old Testament truth   Many of us, no doubt, have heard or read ministry from the Old Testament on the subject of the Tabernac... read more


What does the expression mean?   “Are you looking forward to the Rapture?”   Just suppose an interviewer raised that question with a hu... read more


Righteous before a holy God…..   It may not surprise you to know that this article was written on a word processor. The tools available today ... read more

UNDERSTANDING: On the Lord’s Side

What the Bible teaches about Baptism…..     The scene was a secluded mountain in Galilee. A small group of disciples had gathered upo... read more

UNDERSTANDING: The True Biblical Shepherd

Identifying real spiritual leaders…..   In an illustrated children’s Bible you may well find a picture of a shepherd out in the fields w... read more

UNDERSTANDING: “I will show you the Bride”

A fascinating Old Testament picture of Christ and the Church….. After the turbulent scenes of judgment in the book of Revelation, the reader en... read more