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Volume 1

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SKYWORD – Volume 1 ... read more

REFLECTION: Indestructible and Eternal

Some thoughts about the Bible….. The Bible is unique. There is not another book like it. For some it is the most loved book, while for others it... read more

BIBLE BOOK: Understanding the Book of Acts

The Book of Acts was written by Luke, the author of the third Gospel. Originally both books formed one volume, and the opening verses of Luke’s Gosp... read more

BIBLE CHARACTER: From the Shore to the Sheepfold

The life-work of Simon Peter….. The imagery found in Scripture is both interesting and significant, especially in its relation to the work of Go... read more

TODAY’S WORLD: Under Attack!

What is Happening to Marriage Today?…. At the city garbage tip a powerful earth-moving machine edged relentlessly forwards. The large curved bl... read more

CHRISTIAN LIFE: Living According to God’s Will

Help from the Epistle to the Romans….. Doctrine and practice are two inseparable things. Doctrine without practice reduces Christianity to an ac... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: It Couldn’t Cost Less

A REMARKABLE GARAGE…..   A filling station in West Yorkshire that had been closed for some weeks reopened for business. The gleaming, fresh... read more