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Volume 14

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Volume 14 ... read more

REFLECTION: The Power of God

Found in “the preaching of the cross”…..   “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which ... read more

BIBLE CHARACTERS: “They also Serve…”

Timothy and Apollos, two of Paul’s associates…..   The English poet, John Milton (1608-74) penned the words             ... read more

UNDERSTANDING: “I will show you the Bride”

A fascinating Old Testament picture of Christ and the Church….. After the turbulent scenes of judgment in the book of Revelation, the reader en... read more

CHRISTIAN LIFE: Together – with Him

The importance of standing with the people of God…..     It was a fine afternoon for the funeral service. About sixty people had gathered ... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: The Human Bridge

Discovered on the “Herald of Free Enterprise”…..     Many people have not forgotten the night of Friday 6th March, 1987, ... read more