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Volume 15

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Volume 15 ... read more

REFLECTION: Corn in the Land

The need to find good spiritual food…..     “Jacob saw that there was corn in Egypt” (Genesis 42:1)       &n... read more

BIBLE CHARACTER: “And Daniel continued..”

Key features in an exemplary life…..   “And Daniel continued even unto the first year of King Cyrus.”                   ... read more

UNDERSTANDING: The True Biblical Shepherd

Identifying real spiritual leaders…..   In an illustrated children’s Bible you may well find a picture of a shepherd out in the fields w... read more

CHRISTIAN LIFE: Bringing the Wanderer Home

Restoring those who have gone astray…..     Some of the loveliest stories ever to be told must be those that came from the lips of our Savio... read more

TODAY’S WORLD: Running to Win

A message with an Olympic theme…..       Excitement is certainly mounting as the London Summer Olympics approach. The prestigiou... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: Life Assurance

Finding a scheme with real guarantees…..   Difficult decisions can sometimes face us in life – especially when it comes to planning ... read more