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Volume 16

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How an individual was guided…..   One of the loveliest chapters in the Old Testament must be Genesis 24. It can be considered in a number ... read more

CHRISTIAN LIFE: Facing a Task Unfinished

Responding to the missionary challenge…..   In one of his books, Michael Griffiths describes an occasion when he met a group of elders in ... read more

UNDERSTANDING: On the Lord’s Side

What the Bible teaches about Baptism…..     The scene was a secluded mountain in Galilee. A small group of disciples had gathered upo... read more

TODAY’S WORLD: Mum’s Home!

A role for the Christian mother….. The high street children’s store Mothercare celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011 and marked the occasio... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: Explore Winchester

A brief look at England’s ancient capital…..   Thousands of tourists descend upon Winchester in the course of a year to view the int... read more