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Volume 2

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SKYWORD – Volume 2 ... read more

REFLECTION: Finding the way

Some Thoughts about Direction in Life…..   And Moses said unto them, “Stand still, and I will hear what the Lord will command concerning ... read more

UNDERSTANDING: Paradoxes and Reality

Seeming Contradictions in Scripture…..   When challenged to believe the Bible, people who are unwilling to be persuaded often make the excu... read more

TODAY’S WORLD: What to Watch on Television

Necessary Decisions in the Home…..   Neil Postman, Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences at New York University, produced a book entitle... read more

BIBLE CHARACTER: Willing Service

A Gem from the Old Testament…..   Amasiah the son of Zichri…. willingly offered himself unto the Lord.  (2 Chron.17:16 KJV) Little gems ... read more

CHRISTIAN LIFE: Kept Pure in an Impure World

Vital Truth for the 21st Century…..   Some years ago a group of visitors arrived at the gates of a coal mine. The management had agreed to give... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: Back from the dead

A Different Leader…..   Before launching its new scheme called Get Paid As You Go for British customers in 2007, Virgin Mobile commissioned... read more