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Volume 26

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Volume 26 ... read more

REFLECTION: Shining as the stars for Ever

A lesson from Daniel 12:3…..   The Bible is a remarkable book. As well as containing exhortations, practical examples are given in the live... read more

BIBLE BOOK: Exodus – The Way Out

A summary of this Old Testament book…..   The title given to a book can be significant and may prove to be an accurate summary of its cont... read more

UNDERSTANDING: Prophet, Priest, and King

All three roles in one Person…..     Anyone familiar with Israel in the Old Testament will realize that in society there were differe... read more


Our Saviour’s vital call to us…..   Anyone who reads the records of our Lord’s own teaching will be aware of the emphasis that He ... read more

TODAY’S WORLD: Facebook and God’s Book

Hugely popular, but is FACEBOOK helpful?   In October 1953 an article about short-wave radio appeared in Boys’ Life magazine. Ken Boord, the au... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: “One Life. Live It.”

Thinking about the slogan in the window…..   The slogan in the rear window of the car in front of mine read, boldly, One Life – Live it ... read more