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Volume 3

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SKYWORD – Volume 3 ... read more

REFLECTION: Singing with gladness

A Good Time to Praise the Lord…..   They sang praises with gladness. (2 Chron.29:30) How stirring these brief words are! The Lord was being pra... read more

BIBLE CHARACTER: Stepping into the Leader’s Shoes

JOSHUA – the new Leader of God’s People…..   If you had to draw up a short-list of the greatest men of the Old Testament, who would... read more

UNDERSTANDING: Finding the Real Church

Comparing the Biblical with the Popular Meaning…..   Talk to the proverbial “man in the street” about the Church and at once you will disco... read more

CHRISTIAN LIFE: Faith made Visible

“Good Works” in the Life of a Christian…..   Christians often talk about the finished work of Christ. The term refers to the work t... read more

GOSPEL TRUTH: Paid – In Full

What Happened at the Cross…..   Preachers of the gospel sometimes refer to “the finished work of Christ”. People who are unfamiliar with th... read more