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Volume 5

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SKYWORD- Volume 5 ... read more

REFLECTION: The True Riches

A Theme developed from Luke 16:11. Newspapers and magazines often list the richest people on earth today. Pop stars, celebrities from the world of ent... read more

BIBLE CHARACTER: The Lure of the City Lights

A Look at the Life of Lot. One of the saddest characters we meet in the Bible must be Lot. By this I do not mean that Lot was necessarily a man of mel... read more

BIBLE BOOK: Our Life Under the Sun

The Message of ECCLESIASTES. A theme that is simple and yet profound; a message that is universal and yet individual; something timeless, without bein... read more

UNDERSTANDING: Three Profitable Things

A Greek word that appears three times. The last word listed by James Strong in his Greek Dictionary of the New Testament is ophelimos – a word t... read more


It can make such a Difference.     Nobody could have said that he was a novice. He knew his job and was a capable, reliable, and efficient buil... read more