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A truck driver in the West Midlands unexpectedly became a recent hero when he intervened to prevent a certain accident from happening. Early one weekday morning Gary Welsh was in his truck with two workmates when a bus passed them and clipped their wing mirror. The bus appeared to be out of control and was veering to the wrong side of the road. The driver’s head was down, and initially the men thought he was on his phone. Gary honked the horn of his truck to get the driver’s attention, but he seemed to take no notice and carried on. Thinking he might have been under the influence of drugs, or may have stolen the bus, the men turned the truck around in pursuit. It was rush-hour, an accident was bound to happen, and they simply had to stop the bus from doing any more damage.



Speaking after the incident, Gary Welsh and his workmates explained what had happened. There seemed to be only one way of stopping the bus, so Mr. Welsh overtook it and maneuvered his truck in front of it. With great presence of mind he brought his truck to a stop, put the handbrake on, and waited for the inevitable. Seconds later the bus crashed into the back of the truck. At once the men saw that the bus driver was slumped over his steering wheel, evidently having been taken ill. Fortunately no passengers were on board the vehicle. The bus driver’s door was locked, so the men forced it open with a crowbar. Quickly they lifted the driver from his seat, lay him on his side, and called the emergency services. The man’s eyes were open but he was not responding. In no time the Police were on the scene, and officers performed successful heart massage. The West Midlands Ambulance Service arrived very soon afterwards and restarted the man’s heart before taking him to Walsall Manor Hospital. Although his condition was described as “critical” his life had been saved and serious injury to other people had been prevented. Pictures showed substantial damage caused to the front of the bus as a result of the impact.



Unexpected and challenging situations can often arise. Earlier, on that October morning, Gary Welsh and his workmates had no idea what was going to happen. They would have expected the normal routine of their building and construction trade rather than an appearance on TV news for their prompt thinking! Members of the public as well as spokesmen for the emergency services have praised Gary Welsh (51) for his actions. Disaster was certainly averted, and the bus driver was given the best chance of survival because of this timely intervention. Gary Welsh was also prepared to sacrifice his truck knowing the damage that a bus in motion could cause through crashing into it. We commend him for acting in such a responsible way to avert disaster.



With so many disturbing and unpleasant news items grabbing our attention, stories of this kind are refreshing. Here we have what we might call an “ordinary” person doing something extraordinary – someone who was prepared to inconvenience himself and act in a sacrificial way for the good of others. It is an illustration of another action which, potentially, has averted disaster. God’s own Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, left the glory of heaven to come to our world. He came, not to condemn the world but to provide salvation (John 3:17). Sin had spoiled God’s perfect creation, and all humanity faced the judgment of a holy and righteous God. The Bible states that “the wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God” (Psalm 9:17). What a terrible fate awaited us! Without Christ’s intervention we would have had no hope.






We need to appreciate what He has done. He has provided the means for us to be saved, but we must accept His provision. God commands us to forsake our sinful ways and the habits which break His moral law. We must repent of our sin – being truly sorry, and giving it up. Christ willingly died in our place so that God’s righteous judgment (which spells disaster) might not fall upon us. But we must accept the provision by giving our lives to Him and placing ourselves under His control. Sin must be punished: either we accept what Jesus Christ has done.