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Certain “buzz” words dominate the media nowadays. We hear a lot about “tolerance” and “respect” for the views of others. Both qualities are necessary, we are told, in the building of a society which is “inclusive” by nature and therefore excludes none. At face-value the idea sounds good. It recalls the school playground where all children are meant to feel accepted and ought not to be excluded from a game. We may recall the pain and hurt of rejection when we were forced to stand aside while others happily joined in because an influential child could exercise control of the group and reject those who did not fit into his scheme. Seeing a child left out, the teacher would intervene and integrate the excluded child into the game. All became well – for a time. But as we know the school playground did not suddenly become paradise!




Government powers are usurping the role of the teacher and insisting that we all get on happily together. Differences must be buried and love and tolerance be shown. But it is not as simple as that. Society is not the school playground, and neither are society’s members mere children. There are conflicting values and world views, and some ideas simply cannot harmonize. Christians are constantly being told to be “inclusive” in their policies, while the progressive leaders who are actively promoting inclusivity have room for all belief systems except Bible-Christianity! Some recent events have clearly demonstrated this fact.



Mrs. Kristie Higgs, a pastoral assistant at Farmor’s School in Fairford, Gloucestershire, was dismissed for voicing her beliefs. In a Facebook post she expressed concern at the Relationship and Sex Education programme at the nearby Church of England Primary School where her son was a pupil. Worried about what she could see was happening she wrote, “They are brainwashing our children! Please sign the petition, they have already started to brainwash our innocent, wonderfully created, children.” Her Facebook posts could only be read by those with whom she had chosen to be in contact – namely her own personal “Friendship Group”. Ironically, one of these so-called “friends” described her comments as “homophobic and prejudiced to the LGBT community” and reported her to the school. A hearing was convened, and Mrs. Higgs was told that she was not suited for working with children as she might exert influence over those who are vulnerable. She was therefore dismissed for “gross misconduct” from Farmor’s School. Her employers told her that she “did not demonstrate an appropriate understanding of the school’s requirements to respect and tolerate the views of others” but pointed out that her dismissal was not taken because of her religion. When she questioned how she could be guilty of discrimination, she was told that she had not directly discriminated against one person but had used words that could be perceived as discrimination! Clearly her employers were pursuing a hostile agenda by playing semantics. They were the ones who were palpably guilty of discrimination by excluding an individual who would not conform to their blatantly intolerant views.



Kristie Higgs is not the only one to suffer discrimination, and neither is Britain the only country where such draconian measures are implemented. The Australian rugby player Israel Folau, who is a Christian, wrote on his Twitter account, “Drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolaters – Hell awaits you.” He then pointed out that repentance and faith in Jesus Christ can deliver us from such a fate. Called to give account of his statement, Israel Folau was presented with an option: be sacked, or face a “Code of Conduct” hearing. Without any question he chose the former.




Today in many countries there is a high price to pay for promoting the teaching of the Bible. Those who love the Lord Jesus Christ and believe His Word are not wanted in society. They don’t fit in. Israel Folau has counted the cost and has gladly accepted the consequences. In the light of eternity, how insignificant is international rugby! Really, it is not his views that were being questioned but the teaching of the Bible. His words were an accurate paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. Unless we humble ourselves under God’s mighty hand in repentance there is no escape from Hell.