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Bernadette John, director of the Good Schools Guide, has made an ominous announcement. For the first time, the Good School Guide is going to examine how “transgender-friendly” schools really are. We are told that more and more families are asking for advice in order to find which schools are catering best for the needs of transgender children. A “good track record for dealing with transgender issues” will enable such schools to be identified, Bernadette John said. “Some schools are making fabulous efforts.” These may be mentioned specifically and given favourable treatment in the review. However, schools which are “effectively asking children to leave by saying we have no policies on toilets or uniforms,” and which are demonstrating that they cannot cater for transgender children will be exposed.




Not long ago the word “transgender” didn’t even exist, but now it has become an extremely hot potato. In some cases parents are withdrawing their children from one school and moving them to another where they perceive staff to be more supportive. In other situations the very opposite is happening. Parents on the other side of the spectrum are incensed by this latest “political fad” which is taking on undue importance. Some children have been withdrawn from schools where their parents consider matters have been taken too far. There are parents on the Isle of Wight who intend to sue the school which their children used to attend after boys were allowed to wear dresses in class. There can be no doubt which side Bernadette John is taking. The Good Schools Guide will be identifying the “transgender-friendly” schools and promoting them. At the same time schools which maintain traditional gender distinctions will be witch-hunted and exposed.




Is it really possible for a human being to be trapped in the wrong body? Are there really men today who at birth were identified as male but who are actually female? By the same token, are there women who were perceived to be girls when they were born but somehow are men? Years ago the notion would have been thought absurd. Anyone entertaining such thoughts would have been sent for counselling. They still are. The only difference is that today the counselling will seek to confirm you in your belief rather than deliver you from it.




Suppose a woman with anorexia went to her doctor to say that she was fat and required liposuction. How would the doctor deal with the problem? The doctor might weigh the patient and discover, for instance, that she was just five stones. The real problem therefore was not in her body but in her mind. The doctor, or any other rational being, could see what the patient was unable to see. In the same way, examining the physiological structure of a human body enables one to correctly identify a specific gender. Someone who declares, “I’m a woman, but I’m living in a man’s body” is deluded. Evidence does not simply suggest otherwise; it categorically proves it. Many people suffer delusions of other kinds without needing society to resort to drastic measures in order to rectify a problem which does not even exist. Giving children the thought they may actually have had their gender identified incorrectly helps nobody. The notion breeds confusion and requires that common sense be abandoned. Spending vast sums of money on altering someone’s organs in order to satisfy a delusion, will achieve nothing worthwhile. The real solution lies elsewhere. There is a much simpler answer which costs a lot less and makes sense. It does not require gender-neutral school uniforms or unisex toilets. Neither will it cause the later regret, which can never be ruled out, when someone has had a sex-change which afterwards cannot be reversed.




We must return to a basic fact. Jesus said, “From the beginning of the creation God made them male and female” (Mark 10:6). It is either one or the other: God made no mistake. Abandon the concept of a Creator and eventually anything will go. If we are masters of our own destiny we can decide our own fate, but only a fool reasons in this way. In Eden Satan offered godhood to the first human beings: “Just listen to me, and you will be gods.” He still perpetuates this myth, and we believe it to our eternal loss. Listen instead to the One who was there at the beginning because He really knows.