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CHRISTIAN LIFE: This is my Story

Recalling the life of Alf Millen…..



Alf Millen was well known in the West End of London. He moved to Basingstoke where he lived on Melrose Walk, Popley, and cared devotedly for his invalid wife. Formerly an actor and a Spiritual Healer, he has a tale to tell.




After my demobilization from the Royal Navy at the end of World War 2, I was unsettled. Many things disturbed me, and I had such questions as: “Why is the world still full of unrest? Where do I go from here?” As I sat making up in preparation for “Madame Louise” – the evening show in which I was appearing at the Garrick Theatre, London – I happened to say to an actor friend, “Kenneth, do you know anything about Spiritualism?” His reply surprised me. “I am a Spiritualist,” he said, and after a lengthy conversation he produced the “Psychic News” and gave me an address of a “Spiritualist” church in my own district of London.


Let me solemnly warn my readers here against the “Spiritualist” Church which is satanically controlled. They use the name of Jesus referring to Him as a great Medium and Healer but they do not acknowledge that He is God’s only Son who came to be a sacrifice for our sins and that through faith in Him alone are we saved.


The service was similar to any Church service, but I know now that only hymns and Bible readings fitting to Spiritualist beliefs are used. The service concluded with a woman giving clairvoyance. This did not interest me until her finger was pointing at me. “You, sir.”  As if in a dream she told me many things about myself; my innermost thoughts, places I had been during the war. “Did you know that you are a medium?” she asked. This was news to me. “If you developed these mediumistic powers you could be a great Medium and Healer.”


I stayed behind that same evening with a group who were sitting for a Circle meeting. After being told what to do, I experienced a strange feeling of leaving my body and of someone else coming in. My breathing became heavier, but before I became controlled by this strange change I called out, “Stop! Stop!” and stood up. I started to become normal again and apparently I had prevented the meeting being a success. Week by week I attended the “Spiritualist” Church, Lancaster Gate, and under semi-trance spoke in various tongues and transfigured into other people gone from this world. People came along for healing. I laid hands upon them, finding their affected parts without a word being spoken. Power seemed to emanate from my hands.


My story would take too long in detailing everything which led up to what the Bible calls being converted or saved. In common with the vast majority I did not understand the Gospel. My mother was brought up in a religious home and I had been to Sunday School and various churches. I had heard from time to time that I was “lost”, but it had little effect upon me. Does this apply to you?


No matter how decent we may think our lives to be, they are not good enough for God. Sin is a barrier – between ourselves and God. If we are not trusting the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation we are lost and perishing, and we will be banished from His presence when we die (1 John 5:12-13).


I was brought face to face with the claims of the Lord Jesus in a ten day Gospel Campaign at a Mission Hall in Wandsworth. I realized that it was for me, a sinner, that He died; my own good works in God’s sight were as filthy rags. I needed to acknowledge my sin, turn my back on it, and believe that Jesus died for my sins. He bore the punishment of my sins so that I might never have to bear it myself. I then realized something of the power of Satan in my own life, in the “Spiritualist” Church and in all others who do not point to the Lord Jesus as the only Saviour. We are warned in Scripture about Witchcraft, Fortune Telling, Black Magic, Drug Taking, Hypnotism (Deuteronomy 18:9-12).


I needed to give up my acting career and dispose of most of the things that I valued and loved. They tied me down; they were idols which had to go. Fresh contracts started to come in, a West End Production, two BBC contracts, two film contracts – all of which I turned down. Many people have called me a fool and maybe you think likewise. My life has not been easy. The Devil is real. He has buffeted me and tormented me in real nightmares night after night. My house also became haunted. But after learning to pray and calling upon Jesus, I could defeat these attacks.


I would not change with anyone in the film or theatre world. I could write a book on how He delivered me from Spiritism; how in my open air witness in the West End and Soho He protected me from the underworld of prostitutes and strip-tease clubs, being shot at (but, praise God it missed – piercing through a plate glass window no more than a foot above my head) while preaching in Compton Street. Yes, God is real, and His love for us is great.


For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. (John 3:16-17).

Why not come God’s way? The Lord bless you.