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 Imagine never having to move house again!…..


Only those who have moved house understand exactly how much is involved in the process. Nobody makes the decision lightly because there are so many things to consider. Solicitors’ fees, searches, land registry charges, agents’ expenses, as well as the unexpected “hidden extras” can all make it very costly for those who are purchasing another house. There is a price to pay for selling your own property too – beginning with the advertisements and ending with paying the removal firm.




Even for those who are not entering into a purchase, the actual experience of moving can be quite traumatic – especially if they do not want to leave their present dwelling. Sometimes we have no alternative but to move. The time comes when items have to be packed carefully into boxes – and some people even like to take plants from their garden with them! If the move involves down-sizing to a smaller property, some things simply cannot be taken. Disposing of cherished possessions is never easy. Then, when it comes to unpacking, more decisions have to be made about where each item will be placed in the new home. The whole experience can be exhausting – and we may well envy the few people who are born, live, and die in the same house. If someone never has to move, they know nothing of all the upheaval involved. 



Actually, there is a home where people will live for ever, but it is not found in this world. The Bible speaks about something that is “eternal in the heavens” (1). The Lord Jesus Christ declared: “In My Father’s house are many mansions,” and He told His followers, “I go to prepare a place for you” (2).  The final pages of the Bible (Revelation 21 & 22) tell us something about that wonderful place.


Heaven is not a place for good people. If it was, nobody would qualify to enter it, for we are all sinners in the sight of God (3). It is only forgiven people who will find entrance into Heaven, and only one means of forgiveness exists. The Lord Jesus Christ “died for our sins” (4) – and on the basis of His death we can be made fit to enter Heaven. These are facts that we must believe. That is why Jesus (when talking about His Father’s house) said, “Believe also in Me” (5).



When the day that has been fixed for moving finally comes, it is vital to be prepared in good time for it. The boxes must all be packed and the furniture ready to load. Similarly, we need to be ready for the moment when we will leave this life. There are only two destinations beyond the grave – Heaven and Hell – and “there is a great gulf fixed” between the two making it impossible to transfer from one to the other after death (6). Those who are trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ can look forward to entering His Father’s house and living there with Him for ever.


It is sobering to realize that from Heaven or from Hell there is no moving on. When you arrive, you are there for eternity. There is only one way to be sure of going to Heaven. The Lord Jesus Christ is “the Way” (7), and we must put our trust in Him in order to enter it. Heaven is a home like no other on earth. Love, peace and joy that never diminish are found in it because its residents have had their hearts made new (8). It is hard to understand why anyone would not want it to be their home for ever. 


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