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How we appear standing in God’s court…..





The court case was nearing its conclusion. Evidence which had been given seemed overwhelming. The defence had been silenced and had no further submissions to make. The judge had announced his verdict in a single chilling word: Guilty. One thing only remained, and that was the passing of an appropriate sentence.



Imagine the uproar in the court if the judge then relaxed and said, “I think I’ll just let him off.” The prosecution would quickly respond by saying, “You can’t do that! The evidence was overwhelming, and the offence was serious. Wrong has been committed. In your own words you pronounced the suspect guilty. You cannot simply dismiss him because he might be a danger to society and is likely to re-offend!”







We are in the suspect’s place. In the court of God we have all been found guilty of breaking His law. In fact, “all the world” stands “guilty before God” (Rom.3:19) and deserving punishment. The sentence for us is death (Rom.6:23).


God is just and cannot overlook sin, but God is also love and sent His Son to die for our sin. Willingly the Lord Jesus Christ came from heaven to suffer in our place at the hand of a righteous God. Through His substitutionary death we can be pardoned and “justified freely” (Rom.3:24). We can be declared righteous with all the record of our sinful past removed. But for this to happen we must accept what Christ has done for us. This involves admitting our guilt before God without making any excuses and yielding our sinful lives to Christ for Him to cleanse and renew by His Spirit. It involves walking “in newness of life” (Rom.6:4) and living to please God.



Accept what Jesus Christ has done when He took the guilty culprit’s state. Humbly give your life to the Risen Saviour. There is no other way to find pardon. Those who refuse remain guilty before God and one day will pay the price of their own rebellion.




He took the guilty culprit’s state and suffered in his stead;

For man – oh, miracle of grace – for man the Saviour bled.

Anne Steele