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REFLECTION: Great Salvation!

Giving God the glory for it…..


Let such as love Thy salvation say continually, “The LORD be magnified.”              (Psalm 40:16)


Psalm 40 was penned by David and is a wonderful song of rejoicing. It takes us from the confusion of the pit to the certainty of the rock. Floundering in the miry clay and unable to lift himself from where he wallowed, David had cried to the Lord for mercy and had been delivered. The Lord had rescued him from sinking and had planted his feet on a firm and unfailing foundation. His song of praise is a fitting testimony for what the Lord had done for him.


Near the end of Psalm 40 there is a striking contrast. Some of David’s enemies had mercilessly mocked and taunted him as they looked on. They had cried “Aha, aha!” in their derision. They had no time for David or for his God. On the other hand some had sought the Lord, and these rejoiced to see what He had done for David. As they considered God’s salvation of His servant, they could cry instead, “The LORD be magnified!”






Do we love God’s salvation? Just think of it for a moment. At great cost, and out of infinite love, God sent His only Son into the world to save lost sinners. That work necessitated the death of the Lord Jesus upon a cross, bearing the curse of a broken Law upon Himself and receiving in His own body the judgment that guilty sinners deserved. Willingly the Son of God stooped to this because there was no other way. How can we fail to love such salvation? There is nothing like it, for it demonstrates the fathomless grace of God poured out for us.


But there needs to be a response from our hearts – and a vocal one at that. David invites all who love this salvation to declare, “The Lord be magnified!” This is not something to say just once, or twice. Rather, this theme calls for an unlimited and yet fresh repetition. Those who love His salvation should “continually” praise His Name for it.


Magnification brings something closer and makes it appear greater. It goes without saying that we cannot make God greater than He is, but we should want to appreciate His salvation more and to speak of it in such a way that He receives the greater praise. He who devised the plan and completed the transaction deserves all the glory. We who love Him for His “great salvation” (Heb.2:3) should continually declare: “The Lord be magnified!”   



        Oh, magnify the Lord with me!

            With me exalt His Name;

        When in distress to Him I called,

            He to my rescue came.