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REFLECTION: Shining as the stars for Ever

A lesson from Daniel 12:3…..


The Bible is a remarkable book. As well as containing exhortations, practical examples are given in the lives of the individuals whom we meet in its pages. It is not simply a religious manual containing moral teaching that people ought to practise; it is a mirror of life itself. For instance, the instruction to “fear God, and keep His commandments” (Eccl.12:13 KJV) can be understood, but we may wonder how God can be feared and obeyed in practical ways. We are not left to work things out by ourselves, attempting to adhere to a code of moral instructions. Godly characters whose lives were marked by faith and obedience are presented as illustrations to help us in our own walk with the Lord. Getting to know those who pleased the Lord and finished well can inspire us, with the Holy Spirit’s help, to be like them.



A very significant statement is found at the end of the first chapter of Daniel where we simply read that “Daniel continued” (Dan.1:21). What a fine testimony is presented in these few words! Unlike the “stars” who occupy the world’s stage today and then fade away, men and women who love and fear God can, like Daniel, shine eternally. “They that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever” (Dan.12:3). The truth of this statement is demonstrated in Daniel’s own life. As one who was wise and turned many to righteousness, the brightness of his life did not fade. Like the stars of heaven, he shines for ever and ever in the presence of his God (Dan.12:3). A life of earthly value may be impressive for a time, but it counts for little when weighed in the divine balances. The Lord wants those who belong to Him to attain better things. He wants us to surrender our lives to Him, to continue, as Daniel did, and to finish well.





“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom” (Prov.9:10). Those who are wise will fear Him, and they are the ones who will “shine as the brightness of the firmament” (Dan.12:3). The testimony of such people is powerful. By turning many others to righteousness and to the Lord, they will shine as the stars for ever.


Don’t seek to be a “star” on this world’s stage! That kind of glory is quickly over. But while the fame of this world is transient, “he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever” (1 Jn.2:17). Obedience to God is the key. It is those whose lives have been made to count for God who will shine eternally.


When He cometh, when He cometh,

To make up His jewels,

All His jewels, precious jewels,

His loved and His own.

Like the stars of the morning,

His bright crown adorning,

They shall shine in their beauty,

Bright gems for His crown.


  1. W. O. Cushing