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TODAY’S WORLD: Echoes from Isaiah

We are living in similar days…..


“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!” [Isaiah 5:20-21].

It would be difficult to compose a better description for our day than this one which was written by Isaiah some 2,700 years ago. How incredibly accurate these words are! We often think of believers who passed away, perhaps fifty years ago, and say how they could not believe the changes that have come upon us. In the name of progress all kinds of abhorrent and God-defying laws have been passed by our politicians. What were once criminal acts are now acceptable practices which we are asked to respect and endorse. Such radical changes in society are really unbelievable.



Isaiah’s words have been quoted in full because they are so clear and forthright and hardly require further comment. The reversal which he witnessed in his day is happening all around us. The laws of our country at one time were founded upon the teaching of God’s Word and in many respects were good. Now humanistic and atheistic laws have replaced them while the teaching of the Bible is ridiculed. Many activities which God classifies as sin and which were therefore evil are now called good. Attempts have been made to extinguish the light of the Bible while the darkness of ungodly thinking has been promoted. The sweetness of the Gospel and its associated blessings has been rejected, and the bitterness of false religions been given elevated status. Prominent politicians have actually issued apologies to those who in the past were criminalized and imprisoned for committing sodomy. We must have become so enlightened! Those who have introduced the new standards are proud of their moral (read “immoral”!) revolution. Truly, they are wise and prudent in their own estimation!





Social conditions in Israel were all wrong in Isaiah’s day. The prophet wrote: “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them” (3:12). Everything seemed to have been turned upside down. God’s plan for His people had been rejected, and leaders were bringing in new ways which were diametrically opposed to His divine purpose. Instead of men being in positions of leadership, women had usurped these roles. Children, rather than being under control, had the upper-hand and were ruining society. Progress was impossible, and God’s people were drifting further and further from Him.



Do we not see something paralleling our society in this verse? Gender distinctions are rapidly disappearing, and traditional roles are being reversed. The Church of England is now ordaining as many women as men. Putting all denominations together, about 20% of today’s church ministers are women, while a third of today’s Members of Parliament at Westminster are women. I am certainly not implying that they are less capable than their male counterparts but simply pointing out the rise of rampant feminism. The situation in the church is, of course another matter because God has entrusted men with leadership responsibilities. But there is another observation which can be made from Isaiah’s day. Like the prophet we see a new generation, deprived of the benefits of discipline and loudly demanding rights. How many young people today are involved in anti-social behaviour, crime, and even murder? Often after a killing has been reported we hear that the offender cannot be named because of their age. There are no satisfactory deterrents to curb the youth’s sinful appetite. Leniency in the courts means that he will not pause to consider the consequences of his action and the effect a punishment will have upon his own life.




“O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths” [Isaiah 3:12].


Our spiritual paths today are being destroyed by leaders who are obsessed with alien “British values” and who are blatantly opposed to divine truth. Truly we are being destroyed! Government and the church are both responsible for causing us to err and leading us astray – away from the ways of the Lord.



Surely it is time for us to hear the verdict of the Almighty. What does He say about those who have turned us away from His Word? Very simply, His response is, “Woe unto them.” One thing alone awaits them, and that is the righteous judgment of a thrice-holy God. They have done a wicked thing by depriving others of godly direction and sound, common-sense values. They will unquestionably face God’s wrath.





There is one solution – and one only. We must return to the Bible and to the ways of God. Only by doing this can disaster be averted in a society which is destroying itself – but will this happen? Sadly, for the immediate future we can see little hope. Politicians are influenced by powerful pressure groups, and Parliament seems dominated by people intent on imposing upon us the latest bizarre and unbelievable sociological fads.


The situation is deteriorating fast – not improving. News items are becoming more and more unsavoury. While society spirals towards ruin, let us hold on to the truth and make it known. God, in His mercy, may yet reverse things. Whether or not He does, the Bible’s message is one of hope: Christ is coming again. His people can lift up their heads: “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”